Day 11

Today we had friends over, both adults and kids.  They stayed for dinner–Chinese food–and then we watched a Sinbad movie, with many hilarious interjected comments.  It is wonderful to have friends over, and I want to record that.  I also want to remember what I found in my fortune cookie, because it is very appropriate for me.  I have always found it difficult to speak up in groups.  There is an inverse relationship between the size of the group and the amount I talk.  I really want to participate.   I’m just not fast enough.  Often the conversation moves on before I think of what to say.   I’m afraid that people might have an inaccurate perception of me because I haven’t been able to share much about myself.  But I’m trying.  I really want to be closer to my friends.  I hope that they come to realize I don’t mean to hold back or be private.  I’m actually a very open-minded, easygoing person.  So I’m trying to express myself more.2009-01-11-015-highcontrast-web


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