working on my smugmug

Today I’ve been working on my Smugmug site.  I put a slideshow on the front page and a navigation bar at the top with links to a few of my categories of photos.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to make a page that lists all my galleries.  I know there is a way, but it involves code, either html or css, which is still like a foreign language to me.  But Smugmug does offer help for customizing.  I just need to find it.

I’m leaning toward keeping Smugmug, even with Backblaze.  I’m just going to cancel the Smugvault.  I have had the Smugvault five months now and have averaged $4.59 per month.  So I might as well use Backblaze at $5 per month.  The benefits of Backblaze over Smugvault are automatic back-up, encryption of files, and much easier retrieval of files if that becomes necessary.

In addition to Smugmug, I’m thinking of journaling more about my photos here on this blog, with password protected entries.  I’m going to try that out now, because I don’t remember how it works. [edited: I removed the password.]

2009 07 08 001 web

This is the way to stuff five people in a Honda Civic.  Three of them have to be kids.  We wanted to see FAHA friends today but our van is still in the shop so Robert brought his car back home, we dropped him off back at work and took his car, and this evening he’s driving home with the work van.


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  1. Very cute pictire of the kids – they all look very happy, and don’t seem to mind being squeezed in! I am really enjoying using facebook, and tracking down people I haven’t seen in years, as well as getting to know others. See you all soon!


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