shoveling snow

This is me shoveling snow from my driveway this morning, after it snowed all day yesterday.

I like shoveling snow.  I don’t like those noisy, stinky snow blowers.  I wouldn’t want to spend more money on something that is going to require extra work.  I need no fuel to run my shovel.  After I’m done shoveling, I can just put it away rather than digging out clogged snow.  The snow shovel is much quieter.  It doesn’t stink.  And shoveling snow is great exercise.  If I lived in Buffalo or somewhere else where it snows a lot, maybe I’d feel differently, but here it usually only snows once or twice a year.  My driveway is 75 feet long and I’m a native of California who prefers looking at snow to experiencing it, yet I have decided the snow shovel is the way to go.

P.S.  Robert was in Buffalo last week on business and he said he was looking forward to returning home where it’s warmer.  🙂


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