completed projects

We’re hoping tonight’s new snowfall doesn’t cause the library to close tomorrow.  Rhiannon has two completed projects to share now.  Last week’s book club meeting was postponed, and Rhiannon wrote a skit based on one of her favorite books The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.  We’re hoping to get to have a make-up book club meeting after our regular homeschool group meeting, which has a science fair tomorrow.

For Rhiannon’s science project, she decided to find out what foods make good natural dyes.  We enjoyed a lunch out and a shopping date to gather colorful food from the grocery store a week ago, and last week we dyed eggs and cotton fabric.  Today she spent the afternoon writing about the experiment, referring to a list of the steps of the scientific method, and I helped her put together her display.

Caroline is not interested in doing a science project.  I tried to point out that she’s often being a scientist anyway.  At that moment she had been rocking the apple juice bottle and swirling her glass half-full of juice.  I told her, “See you’re experimenting right now.”  Catching on to my enthusiasm, she told me that she discovered that in the glass the juice goes around in circles, but in the rectangular bottle, it only goes back and forth in waves.  I suggested she could draw or paint a picture of it.  She said yes at first, but within a second she decided she would rather paint a picture of a flower under a vast blue sky.

If I were to translate Ian’s pursuits into a science project, surely it would be in the area of physics.  How far will this toy go when I fling it across the room?  What kind of sound will it make when it crashes against the wall?  Will it hit my sister hard enough to make her yell?  How long does it take to scatter the box of crayons?  Do all of my toys fall the same way from the balcony?  How hard do I have to ram into someone to knock them over?  Oh, and he’s very interested in the toilet too.  Not much for its intended purpose, but the swirling water, and up and down of the water in the tank, and flushing down the toilet paper, all fascinating!

I had  science experiment of sorts myself late this afternoon.  I decided to try making meat pies or pocket sandwiches using this gluten free pizza crust mix and some leftover ground beef and spinach.  The dough required kneading, something with which I have little experience.  The directions said to add more rice flour if the dough was too sticky, and I had to add so much I started to wonder if something was wrong with it.  But it baked up nicely.  As usual the dough was hard to handle, so pockets were a challenge.  After making a few, I gave up and pressed the dough into greased cups of a  muffin tin instead.

I got caught up on washing towels today too.  Laundry is project that never ends.  At least I have a pleasant washing machine.  It plays a nice little tune at the end of every load and kindly informs me it has finished:


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