In The Worst Hard Time, the book I finished reading earlier this month, I read a bit about the horse ranches of the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma.  They were well suited to the grasslands and didn’t damage the land like the farms that came after them.

I finally took some time to start watching Food Inc. this evening.  I have barely watched half of it, but hope to finish it soon.  Among the images I found amazing (in a depressed way) were the cattle herds stretching over vast areas of brown land.  It’s not grassland.  They’re fed surplus corn.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to a Medieval Times show.  I was just looking up information about it (Robert planned it and this is my first time looking it up) and I read this page describing how their horses are treated.  They are raised on a ranch in northern Texas before they become “pampered performers” and then retire back at that same ranch.  It was refreshing to read about well treated animals so soon after seeing some of the horrific imagery of Food Inc.  And it reminded me of having read about the ranches that flourished in this area before it became the dust bowl.

I guess it’s not surprising to find connections between the various things I read and see, but it still impresses me.


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