Friday Fill In


1. A cup of tea _with honey is good for a sore throat_.
2. _Photos, scrapbooks, favorite books, and clutter_ makes a place feel like home.
3. Everything has its beauty _in nature, including spiders, I will admit, even though I hate to look at them _.
4. _Don’t you agree May and June are the only times to truly enjoy_ the taste of  [fresh] strawberries?
5. Art makes me _smile and ponder its meaning, and sometimes inspires my own creativity__.
6. LOL I just noticed I forgot __to think about dinner again!_.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _finishing my Scrapgirls February Swap and Project 365 Week 8 layouts_, tomorrow my plans include _grocery shopping and attending a moms’ group_ and Sunday, I want to _play games with my family, read, and make a scrapbook page about Ian’s first gymnastics class last Thursday_!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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