former teachers turning to homeschooling

I hardly even knew of the concept of homeschooling when I was teaching primary grades during the years 1995 through 2000.  I enjoyed those 5 years and accepted the challenges matter-of-factly.  But that’s the sort of easy-going person I tend to be.  (Plus I had no children of my own yet!)  Increasingly over the years after I committed to the idea of homeschooling, when my oldest was still a toddler, my opinion of schooling shifted so much that I have no desire to ever return to teaching.  It seems impossible.  When I think of the place so negatively, how could I be a part of it?

I’m not alone, either, as a former teacher who now homeschools.  I’ve lost track of the number I’ve met in person, let alone the number who write about it online in articles like THIS and THIS.

The number of homeschooling families is growing.  You can find statistics on it.  I can see it in my own local homeschool group which currently numbers 43 families with new ones showing up frequently.  Am I seeing a revolution slowly taking place?  Perhaps when my children are adults the decisions they will have to make regarding the education of their children will not be limited to public, private or homeschool; maybe they’ll have more choices.  I don’t think the entire concept of school is wrong, and it would be nice to partake in the good parts without having to deal with the oppressive parts.  It ought to be more like college, where you enroll in the classes you want, and not just automatically go every day for 6 hours.  At the very least, I hope the system comes to its senses about standardized testing in my lifetime!


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  1. I’m a former public school teacher, too! I taught 7th grade science, and now have homeschooled my daugther from the beginning. She’s now “in” 4th grade.


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