ordinary dreams

Robert dreams outlandish things, like he’s in a movie.  People often tell about incredible dreams.  Me?  I can’t remember a dream, ever, in which I did something out of the ordinary.  Am I boring?  I seem to always just dream about real life.

This morning I woke up while dreaming that my kids and I were at some kind of event in a large building, like a convention center or maybe a mall.  It was not a familiar place.  I think there were play structures for climbing and sliding.  Just like in real life, I was trying to keep Ian in sight and he was moving all over the place.  I also remember Caroline in the dream clearly.  A man I don’t know told me that Caroline pushed his son and then I walked all over this area that looked a bit like a library to find her and talk about it.  Ian was not in that part of the dream, but in the next part I was searching for him.  In the next, scary part, which is probably why I remember this dream (I usually don’t), I looked toward a set of escalators and at the edge, near the top of the left one, I just saw an arm sticking up.  I though, “Oh, no!  He’s been sucked down inside!”  yikes  Thankfully, when I headed up the escalator, I found him standing at the top, grinning proudly, like he always does when he strikes out on his own.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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