I’ve been working on organizing our home library.   The underlying organization is still there.  I still have the magazine files sorting our children’s books into numerous subjects including the solar system, deserts, mammals, seasons, and construction vehicles.  I’ve had the books organized this way since I began collecting them while teaching over a decade ago.   We haven’t been good at putting books away, however, so we had a pile up of misplaced books that needed to be organized.

It is a big project of course, so I can’t finish it in one session.  The first day I left several piles of books on the floor.  My son enjoyed them so thoroughly I had to start over with organizing them when I found time to work on the project again.  He also showed me that I need an easier way to store his books.  I had them all lined up on a bottom shelf when I decided to take a lunch break.  Upon returning I found him sitting in front of the nearly empty shelf, flinging the books behind him.  He was stopping to look at a few of them, at least.  I decided a basket will probably work better, and asked him to start tossing the books inside this one (see photo).

I finally got all the books off the floor last weekend.  The ones that had been on the floor are now all organized correctly.  I haven’t checked all the magazine files yet, though, and I know some of them have misplaced books.  One of the reasons I wanted to do this project is to pull out all our easy books, making them more accessible to my now-reading 6 year old daughter.  As usual, my organization efforts are being rewarded with renewed interest on the part of my kids.


Rhiannon has been asking to cook and bake a lot lately.  She made a batch of cookies earlier this week, and she has made french toast twice.  I am very much enjoying the increasing self sufficiency of my kids, but perhaps she detected some hesitance on my part anyway because she said, “After all, I’m going to have to cook for myself someday, so I have to learn.” So I have become a cooking mentor, staying close by to advise when needed.


We started listening to Story of The World Volume 2 again today.  I offered to put it in the car CD player on our way to the pool today.  (The pool was a few hours of a lot of fun!  Throwing toys into the water, Marco Polo, swimming, hanging onto Mommy, playing with friends…)  When we got home, Rhiannon didn’t want to stop listening to Story of the World and she’s still at it, on disc 5, listening with her Hannah Montana karaoke machine, three hours later.  That’s the Magnadoodle; she’s drawing “random stuff…although I did draw one Viking” (her words).  As I type this, Jim Weiss is reading, on the CD, about Marco Polo.  What a coincidence!


I’m in a scrapbooking lull.  It goes in cycles.  Sometimes I create a lot, sometimes I lack the energy or motivation or time so I don’t manage to do more than download my daily freebie from Scrapgirls.  I am keeping up with my weekly layouts for Project 365.  You see week 14 here and week 13 here.  Editing photos for my blog is satisfying when I time is short, too, and occasionally I have new digital scrapbooking elements to play with, as I did yesterday.  I bought some new papers and a brush set with the gift certificate I on in the Scrapgirls March message board contest.  Tomorrow I’ll be getting this month’s ScrapSimple club, which includes paper templates, embellishment templates, and alpha templates, all ready to be customized.  It’s always a fun surprise to see what we get each month.


Thoughts of schedules have been drifting into my mind again.  They’re not very strong thoughts, and I’m not sure I’ll act on them.  But there are a few things I am thinking I might do better if I followed a schedule.  For one, I want to make up a 7 or 14 day dinner plan, a simple one, so I’ll stop having so many days when I am too tired to think of what to make and I take the easy way out with convenience food.  Another area I think I might be about ready to schedule somehow is housecleaning.  And I wonder if I can add “write in my blog” to my routine.  I rarely fail to upload my photos daily.  Yeah, writing a blog entry is more complicated than uploading photos, but it’s important to me and I think I ought to be able to open this up daily and record a few memories.  I do caption most of my photos, but what about memories I didn’t photograph?  So, I’d like to say here, that I am determined to start writing down more memories.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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