busy, mostly stay-at-home day

Rhiannon listened to more Story of the World today and announced that history is one of her favorite subjects.  When I asked her just now to remind me whether she said most favorite, she said math is her other favorite.  That reminds me, at one point she had pulled out a math workbook to work on while listening to the story of Magellan’s circumnavigation. She also did some building with our gear set while listening.  I don’t know how she manages to listen to a story and do other things — I can’t — but I have asked her questions about what she’s listening to, and she really is comprehending.

Caroline has been very interested in Trivial Pursuit lately.  She begged me to play it again today and I just read questions to her.  It’s often more of a guessing game, as she keeps asking for hint after hint if she doesn’t know the answer right away.  She collected our printed copies of the Starfall stories and brought them with her when we went to classes this evening, so she could read on the drive and while we waited for Rhiannon’s class to finish.  Later, she took a bath and found she could read and spell a lot of words even though a few of our foam letters are missing.  These letters (well, an older set we no longer have) figured a lot into Rhiannon’s learning to read.  I foresee buying a third set in a few years.  Caroline also spent some time this afternoon watching old home videos I have on DVD.

Ian played some Nick Jr online games, ran, climbed, tumbled, kicked a soccer ball, threw a basketball into a hoop I attached to the wall, played with the “guys” from the Lincoln Log sets we have (knights and cowboys), enjoyed being spun in the desk chair by Caroline, enunciated more clearly and precisely when he asked, “Mommy, I need a cheese sandwich,” splashed and poured water through a colander, threw rocks in the gutter, batted at the new leaves on the tree in our front yard, listened to Rhiannon read a comic book to him, … …

Classes are going well.   Caroline is loving her gymnastics class.  Today I watched her doing forward rolls all the way across the floor, standing tall, arms raised in between each one.  Ian has more enthusiasm about his gymnastics class; he’s eager to go.  He still doesn’t always stay with his class though, sometimes running off like he got tired of the circuit they’re supposed to be doing.  He’s following the teacher around the gym too well though, taking her so literally when she says, “Line up behind me,” that he hurries to be immediately behind her instead of joining the end of the line.  Rhiannon’s music teacher has settled on the second song they’re going to sing for their next show.  Rhiannon doesn’t remember the name of it, but she described to me how the harmony and round singing in the previous song they were working on was too much of a challenge for her class right now.

I cleaned out the fridge!  That inspired me to work on menu planning, but I never did get around to it.


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