today’s accomplishments

Aside from the typical accomplishments (ie. feeding children, doing laundry, mediating children’s disagreements), I completed one scrapbook page and have almost finished my Week 15 layout for Project 365. The scrapbook page was inspired by two things.  First of all, I learned from Scrappers Guide how to use the custom shape tool in Photoshop Elements to make wavy designs, using just a part of a shape.  Then I decided to participate in Scrapgirls’ scraplift challenge for the weekend.  Scraplifting means copying some aspect of someone else’s layout, such as the layout arrangement or the colors or the use of specific elements.  See the layout I scraplifted HERE.

scraplifted by Amy Flanagan CED_SpringInspiration_Solids_Paper_eggshell CED_SpringInspiration_Solids_Paper_celery (hue altered) CKA_SSPaper_KitchenPapers_Silver-Foil for wavy shapes and to cut out frame (I picked colors from my photo to color it) JHI_SSEmb_ScrffyFlwrs flowers and leaves fonts: CK Block Rose and CK Journaling

I also helped Robert uninstall and reinstall our upstairs hall toilet so we could retrieve the foam letter Ian flushed down it last week.  The letter was enough to clog up the toilet.  Since I had just watched the plumber replace our downstairs toilet, which turned out to be permanently clogged by a plastic toy otoscope, several weeks ago, I thought we could fix  it ourselves this time. When it finally came out, on the backyard lawn, assisted by the sprayer on the hose, we discovered it was the letter D.  I cheered and told Ian, “D is for dump, and that’s what you do in the toilet, but do not flush down letters!”  The letters will stay in the master bathroom for a while, where the bathtub and the toilet are very far apart.

Now I’d like to accomplish getting to bed before midnight, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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