Dishwasher Demoted

Introducing… the machine formerly known as Dishwasher.  It no longer deserves that name.  Something called a dishwasher ought to produce clean dishes more often than not.  I am a tolerant person.  I am understanding.  The machine is 14 years old, after all.  But I have put up with its shoddy work long enough!  Today, I demoted it to drying rack.

It’s funny because when I first thought I’d need to start washing by hand, I  realized my old drying rack isn’t big enough to accommodate much.  It’s just a small sink insert.  I thought I needed to go buy a new dish rack.  Then, as I was unloading the crumby streaked dishes this morning, it hit me.  I am looking at a nice big dish rack right in front of me!

Why don’t I get a new dishwasher?  There are several other things I want to spend money on instead.  This is the year I’m getting serious about photography and I plan to get a DSLR.   We’ve been waiting so long to paint our walls, and our flooring desperately needs replacing.  Washing dishes by hand isn’t hard.  I’m finding it easier to avoid dishes stacked by the sink this way.  And it’s a pleasure to have such a spacious drying rack!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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