learning doesn’t take a vacation

When you learn all the time, learning doesn’t take vacations.

I’ve been studying photography for a long time of course, but my focus on it has increased since I bought my new camera.  I am subscribed to Digital Photography School and read articles there frequently.  I check out the Canon forums occasionally, though I haven’t found them very helpful yet.  I have watched almost every video in the Fundamentals of Digital Photography online course.  I watched most of them before I got my new camera though, and now I want to go back and watch them again, which is what I planned all along.  I’ve also watched The Magic Lantern Guide’s DVD specifically for my Rebel T1i, loaned to me by a friend.  (Thanks!)  The most learning is happening when I’m holding my camera and playing with the settings, taking a zillion pictures, many of which are destined to be deleted.

Rhiannon has been watching math videos at Khan Academy.  There are videos on every math topic from beginning arithmetic to calculus and trigonometry, as well as some science and history videos.  They are made by a man with a friendly, humorous tone who writes in colors, explaining things thoroughly.  While Rhiannon watched another video this morning, which was about multiples, I found my laminated 100 Charts and let Rhiannon color the multiples on them to find the patterns.

When she got a phone call, she continued working on them:

Meanwhile, Caroline and Ian were playing with a spinning toy and a tic tac toe game in the dining room.  The spinning toy is supposed to be a race track, and it came with two plastic cars, but in the last few days the kids have been experimenting with putting all kinds of other objects on the two spinning wheels and watching them go around.   Did you notice the tiara on the big stuffed dog?  🙂

As I’m typing this, Caroline is working on more lessons at Reading Eggs.  She completed a few maps during the trial period, and said she wanted to keep going, so I bought the 6 month plan.  She plays it for a little while most every day, and all 3 kids played it during the trial.  Rhiannon is an experienced reader, but she was amused by the games.  Ian is only mildly interested; that’s why I didn’t pay for an account for him.

The kids learn this way all year long, choosing what to study and when.  It’s wonderful.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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