I’ve been fascinated by maps as long as I can remember.  I enjoyed making maps in school and for myself.  I hung maps in my bedroom. When I was in 8th grade I was proud to have memorized all the U.S. Capitals, which we had to recite to our teacher.  I still remember most of them. Today I have several books in my home library on the topic of geography.

One of the newsletters to which I subscribe is NASA’s Earth Observatory, which arrives weekly and lists the Images of the Day from the last week.  As someone who loves maps, you can imagine how much I love satellite imagery.  One of the pictures posted last week that particularly caught my eye is the Forest Canopy Heights Across the U.S. It’s a great visual!  Immediately, you can easily see which areas in the country are forest.

I don’t study geography very much anymore — I’m focusing on other things right now — but I’m grateful to have this little taste of it every week at least.  It’s not just maps either.  Geography is culture, physics, biology, current events… just browse through the images at the Earth Observatory and you’ll see what I mean.

See our colorful fabric USA map next to the kids building Lincoln Log structures at the bottom of the stairs?
Last Thursday we put together this U.S. map puzzle a few times. Rhiannon was the one who got it down from the shelf and put it together first. Then Caroline became very interested and wanted me to do it with her a couple of times. Ian took care of the dismantling and scattered the pieces down the hall.

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  1. Michele, I enjoyed your post and photos. I’ve also enjoyed maps. When our older grandson was about 5. I realized he shared my fascination with maps and related materials. That year we went to Washington DC and asked hiim what he wanted us to him. He said “a model of the city.” He now has a degree in geography!


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