piano, drama, art, and soccer, oh my!

Has anyone wondered where I’ve been?  Well, for one hour a week I’ve been in downtown Spotsy with my two younger kids while Rhiannon is in her piano lesson.  Rhiannon’s drama club takes a few hours another day every week.  Caroline just started her art class this week.  They’re all enjoying their classes.  Of course.  They chose them!  We’ve also been busy with homeschooling and field trips.  I would write more about that, but I should be making dinner!  🙂  (This started out as just a post about Ian loving his soccer class, but then I felt bad leaving out the girls.)

Ian LOVED his first soccer class today.  This is his second class ever, first time by himself.  Last spring he didn’t follow along in gym class very well.  Today he didn’t hesitate to join the class, he ran around kicking the ball so enthusiastically, played the games so eagerly, and showed physical skill I don’t know how he got (considering his un-athletic parents).  I think we have found one of Ian’s passions.

In this game, they were to dribble the ball while the coach showed a green GO circle and stop the ball with their foot when she showed the red STOP circle, traveling from one end of the field to the other.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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