Friday Fill In



So…here we go!

1. One of my strongest beliefs is _that children deserve to be respected, not treated as lesser people_.

2. _We have two spiders decorating our house right now that are_ huge!

3. The sky is cloudy with a threat of rain and wind and cold, so _I am grateful I do not have to go out and I snuggle up with a good book or do some scrapbooking_.

4. _My husband_ is comforting to me.

5. I always thought I’d be _a mom, and I am!_

6. _I read the weather forecast_ and then I went outside to look at the full moon.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _perhaps finally baking more pumpkin cake, as I’ve been meaning to do for days_, tomorrow my plans include _celebrating Scrapgirls 6th anniversary_ and Sunday, I want to _have an even more organized house and be mostly done with our huge stack of library books_!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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