Yay for the heater!

I have given in and turned on the heater this morning.  I considered it a couple of times already this month, but I always try to stretch the time period we need not pay for heat nor air conditioning.  Not only to save money but because I prefer fresh air.  I especially dislike heated air that dries us out, requiring continuous repeated use of lotion and lip moisturizer.

But this morning, Ian woke me up, calling, “Mommeeeeee!  Mommeeeeeee!”  This is a change from his recent usual routine of just crawling into my bed and going back to sleep, so I think he might have been hesitant to get out of his warm bed into the cold air!  He fussed as I got some pants on him and we made our way downstairs.  He wanted to watch Ultra Man, so I wrapped his big thick fleece ball blanket around him.  Then I turned on the heaters (one upstairs, one downstairs) and took these pictures.

Do you agree today is a good day to start heating the house?  You can see the temperature in my computer task tray, thanks to my desktop Weather Channel gadget.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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