done with 3

I’ve thought about writing a blog post several times since the last one.  Instead, I’ve been busy with things such as decorating for Halloween, getting locked out of the house by my 3 year old, planning birthday celebrations, going to soccer class, art class, singing class, and drama rehearsals, and all the daily routines that keep the days flying by.  I recently took my ailing laptop in for service too.  My personal tech support (husband) was away on business and suggested it.  So I was without my computer for nearly a week.  And now much of my computer time is being filled with re-installing programs and transferring files.

Saturday we had a birthday to celebrate.  The baby of the family turned 4!  Three has been the hardest age for me for all three of my kids.  Maybe after being so patient with my babies for three years, my patience level drops suddenly.  Of course, three year olds are capable of so much more chaos and mayhem than babies.  I think that’s it.  They are still not completely reasonable (as far as adults think), but they have become more physically capable.  So when a three year old is dumping all his clothes out of the dresser and then throwing them over the balcony, he is only focusing on the cool physics of the process and not the consequences.

Sometimes I think it’s a good thing my three year olds are also so very sweet. to balance out the exasperating moments.   Ian will run around chaotically, head bumping people, but if someone says, “Ouch! That hurt!” he will go over and lay on a big hug and kiss.  Ian particularly enjoys kissing, just like his dad.  LOL  They say funny things and have such brilliant imaginations.

I’m very ready to be done with the difficult parts of 3 though.  Off to new adventures with big kids! . . .


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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