car free

I just read a post from zen habits, lessons from a car-free life, and I feel wistful.  I experienced something like this when we lived in an apartment in downtown Glendale (in Los Angeles County) in the years before we moved here to Virginia to afford a house and have children.  I loved the walking life in Glendale.  We walked to restaurants, stores, the mall, the YMCA, the post office, the grocery store, the bank … so many places.  I live in a suburb now and the only fun place I’d walk to yet, especially with my kids, is the creek at the entrance of our subdivision.  Our area was rural just a decade ago and is now becoming highly developed, but there are no sidewalks so far.  However, if they ever build sidewalks, within a mile from my house I can now find a grocery store, banks, dentist, drug store, hair salon, and restaurants.  And the author didn’t emphasize one of the best things about walking: it’s so easy and natural to get enough exercise. I have often said I’d like to move.  But other times I think a walkable town might just develop around us.  We’ll see.

a view I'd see better if I went for more walks (trees near my house last week)

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