photo of yesterday

This evening I enjoyed reading and admiring photos at a few photographers’ blogs, and now I want to write in my own poor neglected blog!  I have taken a few photos today, but haven’t transferred them to my computer, so here’s a photo from yesterday.

I made a yummy feast for my family and some friends.  The turkey isn’t attractive, but was very moist.  I roasted it breast down, as recommended here.  My stuffing was very tasty too, but less interesting than this sweet potato hash, I think.  This is one of my favorite dishes, a variation of which I have made countless times.  I have blogged about it before too!

In my photography class we’re discussing perspective this week, including getting in close.   I haven’t yet figured out how to get very close with my Canon Rebel T1i and the one 18-55mm lens I have.  This is aperture priority f/4.5  1/40sec  ISO400  white balance: tungsten  27mm.  No post processing except resizing for the blog.  I think it follows the rule of thirds, and the depth of field is pretty good.  I like the angle, on level so you can see other things on the table in the blurry background.

I just took a step closer to becoming a pro photographer.  I joined an online photography community, Clickinmoms.  The forums are very active, full of helpful experienced photographers willing to take time to give meaningful critique and photography tips.  I’m excited to be taking this step.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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