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WordPress has begun something similar to Project 365.  They will be making daily posts to their new blog The Daily Post to encourage the rest of us to do the same on our own blogs.  This encouragement will come in the form of prompts, inspiring interviews, and blogging advice.  I have subscribed to The Daily Post via email so I will receive this daily inspiration.

I already have two years of Project 365 behind me, during which I have taken at least one photograph nearly every day (and enough photos on other days to far exceed 365 by the end of the year) so I am confident I can add this project.  I have always wanted to blog more, and indeed often what stops me is that I can’t think of what to write about in the short time I have to write.  I think I mistakenly wait until I have something “big” to write about, and when I just have a short time to write – like between my kids’ activities, or before I get sleepy after they go to bed – I’m not able to come up with something I think is post-worthy.  I’m going to try going the other way this year and make shorter posts sometimes, posts that may not seem very important, but turn out to be as the year goes on.  At least they will help me get into the habit, just like a possibly boring photograph taken out my back window is part of my habit of thinking of my camera every day. And thinking about taking pictures everyday has given me more practice with my camera, which has helped me learn photography faster.  I have enjoyed writing since I was a kid.  I ought to practice it more.  Maybe writing will come to play a very important part in my life someday.  Wait a second.  It already does, as I’m an avid journaler.  However, my journaling is much shorter now than it was in high school.  Now it mostly consists of writing captions for my photos and scrapbook pages.  In high school I filled up fat spiral notebooks in three months.  So, see, I am a writer!  I just need to focus on it more to improve.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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