Project 365 Day 7 – Focus

I cleaned up the family room and library this afternoon. I had just sat down at the computer do some file organizing, etc. when I remembered Project 365. I looked at my theme ideas I have scribbled in a notebook on my desk. Hmmmmm. Am I lagging in enthusiasm already not quite a full week into 2011’s Project 365? I opened up my email. The first message I read was the WordPress Daily Post prompt. The topic? Focus. How do you stay focused? they asked. Then, as if in answer to my wondering what I would photograph today, they suggested photo bloggers take an out of focus picture or try a setting they’ve never used. Well, I have played around in manual before, though I don’t think I took the lens off automatic focusing before. It took me about ten shots and I debated how blurry was a good amount.  Here’s what I decided I like best:

This is my home library.   manual exposure, manual focus, 1/60 sec, f/4, ISO3200

This has got me wondering.  How does the camera know when the scene is in focus?



  1. A) That is an AMAZING library!
    B) Such a good question…how DOES the camera know it is in focus? Never thought of it before..

    Miss you guys! I know I’ve been not on the group at all. Things are hectic!


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