Project 365 Day 8

Already on week 2 of 2011?!  I felt low energy today and didn’t feel like playing with my camera much.  I think it’s because I started thinking of other things I need to do; that I can’t spend all my time playing with pictures and scrapbooking.  Sigh.

We woke up to find a rather heavy dusting of snow had fallen during the night.  A few hours later some more snow fell, swirling around sort of blizzard-like (not that this southern California third generation native who has lived in Virginia for only a decade knows anything of blizzards) and that motivated me to pick up my camera.  It was hopeless though.  I did not want to go outside so this is the best I could do.  This is the view from my desk in my kitchen nook.

aperture priority, f/4 ISO100, post-processing: auto fix and cropped in pse

Who has used the auto fix menu in PSE and now uses Photoshop?  I’m wondering how good of a job PSE does.  Sometimes I like how it turns out; sometimes not.  I’m often surprised.  It saturated the colors in this photo and I think made it look more true to life.



  1. I’m just learning PSE and it can do so much…way more than I know. I’m planning on taking Damien’s layers & masks class (it’s only $10 and gets great reviews) Amanda Padgett (Everyday Elements) also has some affordable classes, but I haven’t taken one yet. I’ve decided PSE isn’t something I can just pick up on my own like I thought.


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