Project 365 Day 9

I was up early this morning and I took the rare opportunity to capture the dawn light through my kitchen window, above my desk.  This is the same window from which I took yesterday’s photo, except this is straight on, and for yesterday’s photo I was kneeling on the right side of my desk aiming toward the left side of my backyard.  I took 10 shots of various shutter speed and ISO and this was the 9th.  I think it is most accurate as far as lighting, and I like the way the scene is reflected in my laptop on my desk below the window.I used a tripod, shutter priority, 0.5 seconds, ISO100, and post processed with the free Facebook actions from MCP available here.  YAWN… I’m getting sleepy from being up so early…



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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