Project 365 Day 26

I almost didn’t post any of yesterday’s pictures because none of them look good straight out of the camera.  My post processing skills are quite weak, and I’m not liking the task as much as taking pictures.  I want my pictures to look good out of the camera.  I’ll keep working on it though.

This is my second attempt to lighten up an originally very dark photo.  The first time, I just tried adjusting levels all by myself.  The second time I had PSE do an automatic fix, and it was so much better than what I did myself the first time.  But I still lightened it up some more by adjusting the levels.  Maybe I did too much…?  I’m not confident about what looks good and what looks right.  Plus, I don’t know if my uncalibrated monitor is very accurate.

Ian is such a good sport.  He is rarely bothered by falling down and he keeps trying at most kinds of physical activity.  Last time we went roller skating I didn’t get skates for myself so I could walk around with him and hold his hand, but he didn’t want me to hold his hand much.  So this time I got my own skates and he was happy to move around on his own a bit while I zoomed around the rink a few times.

I was using shutter priority at this moment, 1/125sec, f/4, ISO1600, no flash, 25mm, auto white balance (under fluorescent gym lighting).  I don’t mean to be so repetitive with the subject of my photos.  I’m just not getting a wide variety of photos lately.  I’m working up the gumption to go outside and photograph in the snow today.



  1. Well, I think it looks pretty darn good considering the lighting at that rink. Very cute!

    I’m a long way from a pro at this but this is where I like breaking up my photo into layers. I would take your current photo, duplicate the layer, then select your son with the quick selection brush, invert the selection, refine the edge to contract and feather a bit and delete everything but him. Make sure not to move anything so they stay lined up. So now you have 2 layers directly on top of each other but the top one contains only Ian. Now play around with the shadows, lighting and contrast to darken the main part of the photo and then select the layer with Ian in it and play around with the midtone contrast and lightening the shadows until you like the look of it. When you are done of course just merge the layers. I went a little crazy and did a motion blur and stuff in the background of this one I took yesterday but it’s a similar idea


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