Project 365 Day 40

This morning I read an article about how important it is to get eyes sharp.  I’ve known that a long time, but as my most frequent subjects are usually moving, it’s a big challenge.  The article was a reminder, though, and I tried harder to focus on eyes.  So I’m proud of this photo for how sharp her eyes came out (though I see in 100% view, they are slightly fuzzy).  She just fished this out of an exhibit at the Richmond Science Museum and, posing, said, “Take a picture like this.”

shutter priority (because I had been taking shots of the kids moving around the exhibit)

1/250 sec (because I read somewhere that active kids should be shot at 1/250 at minimum)

no flash (because there was light coming in from the wall of windows)

not sure what white balance — because my EXIF data will only tell me “manual” or “auto” in the WB field — and I think I may have left it on flash from when I was using the flash a minute before, though this shot is no flash; or it was probably set to shady or cloudy


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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