Project 365 Day 54

Day 54 was yesterday, but I’m not managing to post every day.  Some days are so busy.  A few days I have neglected my camera.  And I’m still reorganizing my website and figuring out how I want to share my Project photos.

I created a Project 365 gallery at my Smugmug.  I like it better than posting directly to my blog because its easier and the photos are bigger but better protected.  Rather than having to resize for the blog, I can just dump all my photos into my personal gallery, as I do to back up all my photos, then using keywords and the “smart gallery” feature of Smugmug, I can show my selected Project 365 photos in their own gallery.  I can right click protect them and only show up to a size I select too.  Then, if I want to share them here, via that Smugmug gallery I could.  But then the photo is here again, unprotected from right clicking.  I do think I want to continue posting about my project here, at least while I’m in transition.  So it occurred to me today that I can just post text links here, like this.  To see my Day 54, click here! 🙂  What do you think?

I’m curious to know what people think of my new name for my photo/digi-design site too: Pixels and Pages.  I felt like a real designer coming up with a little bit of a logo there.  🙂  My aim is to begin scrapping for hire, but eventually I hope to become a professional photographer too.  Is it a good idea to use my Smugmug site as I begin this journey?  Maybe I ought to create a new blog for scrap4hire.

Well, I keep working on it…



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