Project 52 Week 16 (just four weeks late), Week 18, and Week 19

I guess I got even more busy than usual after week 16 because I didn’t get scrap it that weekend.  Then, I went on and did weeks 17 (the Pokemon layout) and 18 (below), but not until today did I get around to doing 16.  Here is Week 16, during which we enjoyed one of our homeschool group field trips, to Government Island in Stafford.

layout template by ASO at Scrapgirls green paper by MRE at Scrapgirls edge overlay by Jeanine DeOre at ScrapMatters flower and string by Plum Dumpling Designs at ScrapMatters striped paper by ABR at Scrapgirls (and hue changed by me) flower paper by DEB at Scrapgirls (and desaturated a little by me) Eco Alpha by THernandez a long time ago from somewhere I don't remember journaling tag by Jasz small tag by MissMint

And here is Week 18, which I had only uploaded to Scrapgirls, but not to my Smugmug site, until just now!  No wonder I was confused about whether I’d done it.  I’ve been so busy lately since getting my Mac.

CTH_Sketch_05_10_11_600 BMU_WC_Paper_Special MRE_Extinct_Paper_green VRA_Soccer_12x12_Center ABR_YouAre_Emb-Ribbon Tag_Sun_Rays_GinaCabrera dbd_bunny_string2 sun_EK_beach AWI_Murano_Paper_Yellow-Pattern for alpha Element_Sunshinebrad_vgb

And finally, today I did Week 19 too.  This was our annual strawberry picking, but at a new (to us) farm, Mt. Olympus.  We went overboard and I spent two days processing the berries.  I made pie (from this recipe, revised to be dairy and wheat free) and Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars, four big jars of jam, some sauce, and froze some berries whole.

ACA_SS_DLO_LotsOfShots2_12x12 (Scrapgirls) Jeanine_DeOre's Necessary Neutrals (ScrapMatters) dzava_augustsampler_dots TYO_PinItUp_Paper-Red for title CKA_SSEmb_BasicFood_Strawberry made of TYO paper and Jeanine's grunge paper for texture on the berry leaves

Whew!  Caught up.  For a few days at least.  Week 20 ends day after tomorrow!



  1. Funny to see Miles and Tommaso “creep up” into your family pics! (nice layout though:).
    I too LOVE the shot of T. eating the strawberry!


  2. I want to include friends in our scrapbooks. 🙂 Important part of our life. I’m sorry I left an “m” out of Tommaso’s name. I will edit that.


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