two new pages and I'm not done yet

This morning I worked on my first challenge for the Brownie Supreme challenge over at BrownieScraps.   We were told to tell a story and to include at least two photos, seven lines of journaling, and blending, using a current kit in the store.  Looking through my journal, I found an old story from 2008 that I decided would be fun to scrap.


I blended the photo into some textured off-white paper, and I also blended the edges of the photo and the dotted paper where they meet.  Another neat thing I did — not part of the challenge — is that I cut the same white paper to the shape of the alpha letters, to help the title stand out better.  I discovered I can hold down the Command Key (Mac)  AND Shift AND click on a series of thumbnails in the layers palette so I could outline each individual alpha all at once.  Then I expanded that selection, switched to the white paper layer, inversed the selection, and clicked delete!  Finally, I wove the string through the beginning of the word toddler.

Here is the journaling:

Rhiannon (worried voice and expression):
“Um…Ian is about to turn on
the dishwasher.”
Mom: “It won’t turn on unless it’s
*one beat*
Dishwasher: “Whrrrrrrrrrrrr…” as
Ian locks it.
Much laughter ensues from Rhiannon
and Mom, and excited, proud laughing
and gestures (ie clenched fists)
from Ian.
Ian then climbs the barstool and eats
a few pieces of Caroline’s leftover
waffle before tossing them one by
one to the floor.
Ah… toddlerhood… Sigh!

You can click on the page if you’d like to see it in the BrownieScraps gallery and see the credits.

The second page I have made today is for my Project 52.  With Caroline’s help, I chose these photos from the girls’ dam building fun after we had lots of rain.

You can see it larger in my Project 52 gallery by clicking on it.

Now to get up and do something else for a while, but I have more pages on my To Do list!  And loving it!


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