Goodbye Irene

Irene isn’t totally gone yet and I’m thinking good thoughts for the people in New England and Canada now.  She has left Virginia though, and we wouldn’t even know we’d had a hurricane if it weren’t for the news and internet.

Here is the view from my front door yesterday afternoon.  Irene’s eye was still south of us, so the worst was yet to come, but I slept through that. There is rain pouring down in this photo; my camera just didn’t see it. That’s what the hurricane was for us: hours and hours of constant rain and lots of wind.  The storm Thursday evening was more violent.

Here’s how it looked out my front door at 8 a.m. today. There are a few leaves scattered on lawn, but not nearly as many as the hurricane we had several years ago. No vinyl siding or anything else is out of place. We have opened our windows to let in the cool fresh air.

I hope Irene continues to just be a lot of rain and wind and damage is minimal everywhere.


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