updated blog

On this day where snow is surprising nearby towns but didn’t quite reach us, I have prettied up my blog for autumn. It was so hard to make up my mind which theme to use, and I’m still not completely happy with this one.  I had created a header I liked and then when I tried it out I discovered this theme automatically puts a shadow under header images.  I found several themes I liked but all had one or two little annoying things like that.  A couple would have allowed me to have blue links to match my Smugmug site, but they either put the menu bar at the bottom (crazy!) or don’t offer a sidebar.  I’m considering changing my Smugmug links to orange to match this theme’s highlight color, but I really prefer the blue.

I didn’t scrap much this week.  I only completed two pages for the tutorials I write every week. I wrote about making circle collages. Click on the layouts to see the tutorials.

created for Jeanine DeOre with her new paper kit, Mellowish
created for BrownieScraps with monthly Addicts Club kit, Super Spooky, by Blue Heart Scraps


Ian had his last soccer class this week.  He has decided he’d rather do gymnastics instead, and he had his trial class at the gym this week too.



Robert has nearly finished the family room floor!  I’m so glad.  I can’t wait to return all our displaced stuff back where it belongs.


Happy Halloween weekend everyone!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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