Top 11 of 2011

Click It Up A NotchI’m participating in a picture share at Click It Up a Notch.  We’re all sharing 11 of our favorite pictures of our kids from 2011. It’s difficult to choose, but it’s fun reminiscing about the year.

I took all of these with my Canon Rebel T1i and its kit lens.  I’m excited to announce that for Christmas my husband presented me with a 50mm f/1.4!

1. Ian was 4 in this photo.  I think he was insisting on a different spelling of his name. His expression makes me laugh every time I look at this.

2. We visit museums frequently as homeschoolers and I take many photos of my kids during those visits.  Here I was playing with depth of field at the petting tank at the Virginia Living Museum.

3. The day we got these fun feetsie jammies we had a photo shoot and I got a few shots I really like.  In this one, the girls instructed their brother to open his mouth like this so he’d looked suprised.

4. My oldest daughter turned the Trivial Pursuit game into art.

5. I’ve taken a lot of photos of my son in soccer class.  It’s his passion.  This is one of my favorites because I captured his joy at playing ball.

6. This one captures the wild fun personality of  my oldest. It also shows that I’m learning something in post processing because it’s very difficult to photograph in my house now we have painted the walls yellow!

7. Another photo that makes me laugh, seeing my son picking a pumpkin shirtless and in rain boots.  We live in Virginia, so it wasn’t particularly warm.  He just prefers wearing less clothing.

8. Posing kids is so hard, and posing more than one is even harder!  I had to ask Ian several times to open his eyes because he makes squinty scrunchy faces when asked to pose and by the time I got his eyes open, Caroline’s smile had turned stony. I like how I angled the lines of the floor and cropped the photo though!

9. This one is technically not too bad, even having some catch lights in her eyes.  It also reminds me of our many visits to Tropical Smoothie and how we often go to two places when we eat lunch out to accommodate Caroline’s food allergies.

10.  Caroline likes to dress herself up, and sometimes she dresses up her brother too. Here they are about to go on some imaginative adventure.

Now I’m crossing my fingers and hoping, hoping, hoping that I win the seat in the Clickinmom’s beginner’s workshop.  I really need it, but can’t afford it!

Click It Up A Notch 

Click It Up A Notch



  1. I love that they are doing life and having a blast doing it. I captured a lot of life too, but have not done well organizing it and printing them into books/albums.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us.


  2. What fun moments you captured! Congrats on your new 50mm 1.4!! I just got mine in the mail today! Yay!! I can’t wait to see what you can capture with that lens! The one of your son spelling his name cracks me up! Too fun!! Thanks for linking up with us! Good luck winning the seat :O)


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