2012 Project 365 Day 027 and ClickinMoms Project 52 Week 4 theme: bokeh

Very changing weather this morning. The ground was wet so I knew it had rained before dawn, and when I went out on my walk it was windy but WARM. I left my scarf and mittens at home and almost took off my hat but decided to leave it on because I didn’t know how my hair looked. It was grey while I was walking, but it didn’t seem like it would rain. However, after I returned home it got darker and darker and suddenly poured down for a little while. But there was a sliver of blue sky low on the western horizon. Within minutes, the rain stopped and the sun was out again stronger than ever this morning. I remembered this week’s CM P52 theme, bokeh, and grabbed my camera. Before going outside, I thought I might capture some bokeh of raindrops on my window, but I was wrong. This is the window to the right of my fireplace. The dullness is from the window being dirty.

Finally I went outside. For this photo I’m standing just outside my front door, looking north. The sky was much cloudier two hours previously, while I was walking, and it changed in the minutes I was outside taking the next several photos. It’s already 60 degrees at 10 a.m.!

I decided to try to capture some bokeh and water droplets on my front yard tree. My camera had some difficulty focusing on the thin branches!  I’m not sure; is this considered bokeh?

After four pictures of water droplets on tree branches I was tired of it and decided to go back inside but when I walked to my computer, I noticed the sun shining through the wet trees in the backyard and I knew this was the perfect condition for bokeh!

This is a mug painted by my son on the railing of my back deck.  Manual 50mm f/1.8 1/800sec ISO 100 spot metered on the top of the mug


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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