2012 Project 365 Day 056 and Clickinmoms Project 52 Theme: Self Portrait

I decided I’d better get around to taking a self portrait this afternoon if I’m going to keep up with the Clickinmoms Project52. I’m not really camera shy, but it does take more effort and I’m not highly motivated to photograph myself. I do want to be in the pictures occasionally for my family though, so I’m trying to do so at least once a month.  I actually wrote a reminder on my calendar.

I decided to just quickly shoot something, practicing skills I have learned recently and making it a storytelling shot, to record how I look at my desk.  This is a frequent sight, as I spend a lot of time here.

I’m sitting at my desk with Lightroom open and showing an image I shot today on my Saturday morning walk with friends. The stack on the right side of my desk includes Harry Potter Page To Screen, an issue of VaHomeschoolers Voice, a new cookbook of slow cooker recipes I bought a month ago and haven’t tried yet, a couple of old books my husband suggested I look through, a package of photo paper for my printer, the spring newsletter from Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Land’s End’s new catalog with an awesome map on the first two pages created entirely from clothing (a geography lesson that arrived in my mailbox for free without even needing to ask for it last week!), a book about digital scrapbooking, and Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson (which I have finished reading but feel like I need to read it again!). Below my computer is my desk calendar and to the left of that are music CDs my husband must have been listening to this morning while I was out on my walk. The basket contains some knitting, another photography book, and my camera bag that I don’t use anymore since I got a new lens and realized I can fit both in an old backpack style purse I’ve had for years.

Not only is this shot in Manual but I also manually focused because I think I have to when shooting a photo of myself with a tripod like this. 50mm f/9 1/20sec ISO400 In Lightroom, I cropped it a little, and played around a lot with exposure, recovery, clipping, contrast, brightness, saturation, and luminance. I guess I didn’t have enough light. I was thinking about darkening it so I’m more of a silhouette.

As I was working on it, Robert came downstairs, saw what I was doing and laughed.  Then he suggested taking this photo:


Finally, I want to share the other photos I took today.  The daffodils might have been the photo of the day if I hadn’t taken the self-portrait. I’m feeling good about my progress in learning to post process, finally!

I shot the daffodils alongside the road that goes through the Fredericksburg Battlefield, where I walked this morning with two friends. The blustery wind reminded us spring is not officially here, but just teasing us with little previews of the warm weather to come.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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