2012 Project 365 Day 069

Today I’d like to share several photos. And there are even more if you’d like to see them. Click here to go to the gallery and see all of them. 

I usually take brisk Saturday morning walks with a friend or two, but they couldn’t make it today.  I decided to go on my own, with my camera. So it turned into a photo shoot.

Being on my own, I noticed and heard things I usually don’t, and I took time to explore this place I’ve lived for over a decade, discovering some places I hadn’t known were there.

Spring is springing.


I had some fun playing with depth of field and changing focal point.  I love how creamy the bokeh is in the first one.



I finally found some leading lines, which was the theme of the week a week ago!


I walked down to get a closer look at that old building.  I’ve always wondered what it was.  If  you’d like to see more of it, visit my gallery. I had some fun desaturating this photo in Lightroom.


Another old building by the river appeared to have a tree growing out of the top of it!  There are more photos of it in my gallery.


I discovered a little island in the river where you can sit and watch the rapids roar by.  It’s noisy!


The Rappahannock River


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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