2012 Project 365 Day 074

Good morning! Weather has been very warm this week! The sky was full of broken up clouds when I went on my walk this morning.

Some of the windows in our house had been open for about 18 hours by the time I went on this morning’s walk!

I brought my camera on my walk to record the spring springing up in my neighborhood, though I think I got discouraged by the low light for most of the walk and ended up taking few pictures.

I started thinking about the metering and exposure process and realized I was confused. So when I got home I decided to read my camera manual about shooting in manual settings.  It didn’t help much, though I did pick up something about how the the center focal point is sharper than the outer ones.  However, when I took a couple of pictures to see if I could tell the difference, I couldn’t.  Maybe I’ll repeat the experiment in better lighting.

I continued my research with the book I’ve considered my favorite since I got my DSLR in June 2010, From Snapshots to Great Shots.  I was surprised to realize he doesn’t really discuss shooting manual very much though!  I did read about Exposure Lock, but I couldn’t get it to work! Finally, with the help of an old metering tutorial on Clickinmoms, I learned that Exposure Lock is for use in the Priority modes, not manual!  And I started to get the hang of the process:  1. Meter, without concern for focusing, adjusting shutter speed and aperture until the meter is at zero.  2. Ignore the meter (here is where I’d been getting confused), focus, holding the shutter part way down, recompose if needed, and shoot!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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