Cherish by Down This Road Designs

First of all, a few weeks ago my singing girl began practicing Castle On A Cloud from Les Miserables. She’ll be performing it for her recital in a few weeks.

Then, last weekend we went to the Virginia Renaissance Faire and we were standing in line to get some lunch. A lady in Renaissance costume approached the line, introduced herself as Mary Sydney, and announced that she is a playwright who will soon be more famous than Shakespeare.  She wanted our help. She had us compose a story, one word per person along the line.  It came out something silly like, “Once upon a time, there was a prince who ate frogs.” When it came around to my daughter, she said she actually is more of a singer.  So Mary Sydney invited her to sing for the line.  Those who know her will not be surprised she happily accepted, and she pulled her friend over to accompany her.  They sang Castle On A Cloud to the great delight of Mary Sydney (shown in the layout below), who invited her to sing for the queen at “two and thirty.”  We always enjoy the Faire, both this one and the one in Maryland, and it gets better every time we go! (I recorded a video of the girls singing to the queen.  If I know you, email me and I’ll link you to it.)

I created this layout with Cherish by Down This Road Designs.  Isn’t it a beautiful color palette?  It’s on sale right now.  Click on it to go shopping!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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