Make It Scrappy, Iron Scrapper at ScrapOrchard

Week 27Captivated Visions Everyone Has A Story at ScrapOrchard

I’ve been hanging out at a new (to me) digi-scrap forum this month. I’ve known about ScrapOrchard since last summer but mostly only received their newsletters, took the newsletter freebies, and occasionally purchased items from the ScrapOrchard Market. But when I dropped into the forum for a visit exactly a week ago, Iron Scrapper caught my attention.  It’s a month long contest in which we scrap and do other things to earn points for a random drawing for nice prizes at the end of the month.
Tonight we had a speed scrap, called “Make It Scrappy” at ScrapOrchard, to earn a point for the drawing. I’ve done many speed scraps at a few different digiscrap sites, but this one was different because it wasn’t in the chatroom but only in a thread in the forum. Nevertheless, there was still a bit of chatting. I liked not being distracted from scrapping, nor did I feel I was missing something in the chat while I scrapped. I’m quite happy with my page.

Here are the steps we had to complete in 2 hours time.
1. Use 2 photos with at least 2 subjects.
2. solid background and a solid journal/paper strip
3. at least 3 different patterned papers
4. 2 clusters of at least 3 items each
5. Repeat one type of element at least 3 times.
6. Give it a creative title.
7. Finish with shadows, journaling, etc.

I used the newest kit by Captivated Visions called Everyone Has A Story.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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