Natural Light 101 Week 2

Here’s my assignment for Natural Light 101 this week, titled Types of Light, Window Light, and Reflectors.  I bought a reflector just last week and used it for the first time this week.

All these photos were taken around 3:15 p.m. a couple of feet away from an upstairs northeastern-facing window (in my daughter’s messy bedroom).  I was not paying attention to composition, only lighting, rushing to do what I needed to do before my mildly cooperative subject’s patience wore out.  I tried to custom white balance, but may have done it sloppily, seeing how warm the photos came out.  All photos are 1/320sec  f/2.8  ISO800, window camera right and reflector, when used, camera left about 2 feet away and parallel with the camera.  First five photos are 7700K.

1. Feathered Light, without a reflector

2. Feathered Light, with reflector

3. Sidelight, 45 degree angle, centered beside window, NO reflector

4. Sidelight, with reflector


5. Flat light, he’s facing the window and I’m between the window and him

6. Picture #3 edited in Lightroom to reduce temp to 6545K and crop according to rule of thirds.

This photo is linked to my Project 365 gallery.

I was surprised at first when I realized my no-reflector shots were better than those with which I used the reflector.  Why did I bother getting a reflector, I wondered?  But then I realized I need to experiment with moving the reflector around!  I had it too close and washed away the shadows completely!  And the non-reflector shots were nice in this spot because the lighting is so good.  I’m going to practice more with the reflector today.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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