Not Back to School

This summer has definitely been the shortest one I’ve ever experienced.  Not that it’s over yet.  The calendar says it’s summer for another full month! It’s especially still summer for flexible homeschoolers who want it to be. But I am affected by the many years of training in a September to June year and the atmosphere in my community, both of which have me thinking academic ideas. Will we do more formal learning this year?  Shall I sign up for this project or that activity?

I’m amazed to think of the fact that my youngest has reached school age.  He expresses so little interest in school, I’m not even sure he knows what it is.  Yesterday was the first day of school for my county, so I was especially conscious of how much freedom my son had yesterday and grateful for the path we’re on.  Life can continue to change gradually as it has been; no need for an abrupt change.

We still have some summer plans yet.  I’m pondering academic plans, but we still have lots of warm lazy days to enjoy!



  1. Totally agree with you. Our September here is usually much nicer and warmer than June and I’m seriously thinking of not starting the academics until October. And since I haven’t even thought about planning yet…I think it’s probably the case. 🙂


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