2013 Day 003 Songs and Stories at Home

2013 Day 003Today I improved the blue room some more.  This desk and the shelves are now stocked with lots of things for written and artistic creativity.  The baskets on top contain stencils, special project kits, and many colorful markers, both fat and thin. The baskets on the shelves have varieties of writing, drawing, and coloring tools, organized by type. I tucked a paper sorter into the bottom shelf with plain and lined paper, cardstock, construction paper, special paper and labels.  Robert brought up the easle on Tuesday as a way to display the educational posters I have had since I was a teacher in the 9o’s and have actually spent the last year in a box in a closet instead of on display, but I’m not sure I’ll use it.  The pocket chart hanging from it is a calendar that will hang between the windows along with a bulletin board and the number chart on the floor doesn’t have a home yet. I’m considering putting it up because Ian has been so interested in numbers lately.

While I was doing most of this organizing my kids were still asleep. We tend to fall into the night owliest of night owl schedules around the holidays every year. Now I’m playing loud music in the mornings, in part to enjoy while I’m doing housework, but also to wake up my kids.

When they did wake up I didn’t see my girls for a while. I did hear some keyboard music though.  Later in the afternoon when they came downstairs Rhiannon had learned a new song she had been listening to on YouTube and Caroline was working on a play. Rhiannon amazes me with how quickly she can figure out how to play a song.  She said she had to google to find out some of the chords, but still, she was playing it within an afternoon.  And this is something new for Caroline, writing a play. She decided to type it on her laptop, but I get to hear snippets of it because she frequently calls out, “Mom, how do you spell _____ ?”

I love that songs and stories that appear when my kids are inspired, and I hope this newly organized workspace inspires even more.

p.s. I don’t know what happened with the daily writing prompt yesterday and today’s did not inspire me. I’m still working out what my blog routine will be this year.




  1. I LOVE that flooring in this room. Do you know the brand name? I know it’s a long shot, but someday, I want to put something like that in my house. (After I get myself going again, of course…)


    • Thanks for all the comments Ro. We bought our flooring in 2011 at Home Depot. The brand is Homelegend (or maybe that’s two words, but on the box it’s a run-on, though it’s in two colors) and the color is “toast strand woven.” It’s engineered bamboo flooring that just kind of snaps together and “floats” over the subfloor. My husband installed it himself. We love it so much better than carpet. Good luck!


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