Project 52 Week 01 {new} – A New Endeavor

We just added this calendar to our Blue Room. I had it up when the girls were young and I think it’s a great learning tool, so now that Ian is 6, I want him to have the opportunity too. The special day on the calendar is the first day of Kendzie Notschool, which is a club for homeschooling families with the purpose of providing social learning experiences, a homeschool resource center, and community. It’s starting very small, but we have exciting big plans!

If you are following the Project 52 (NOVA/DC/MD) Blog Circle then you have come from Elena’s blog and next you will visit Blaire Elizabeth. If you don’t see someone’s Project 52 photo for this week, check back after noon ET, when everyone should have posted.



  1. My daughter has that calendar in her class, I think! It totally reminds me of grade school, and how new that whole experience was each year. Great idea!


  2. I love that it’s something old AND something new! I love your perspective an depth of field. Great first week!! I recognize your other posts from the 365, so we’ll be see a lot of each other this year!!!!


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