Project 52 Week 06 {grain}

Yikes! I let a whole week go by without posting on my blog! It must have been a great busy week. I didn’t even get around to shooting for this week’s theme — grain — until Saturday night.

Grain is the appearance of texture in photos. In film it’s due to particles during the processing. In digital photography it’s related to the sensitivity of the sensor in the camera. You can read all about it here if you want. Since I have not really practiced being creative with photographic grain before, I considered photographing food grain instead, but then I realized that I shoot grainy pictures all the time with my little Rebel, especially in the winter when the the light of day lasts such a short time. The Rebel is an entry level camera, so it produces a lot of grain at high ISO. So I just turned my ISO all the way up and embraced the grain while photographing our game of Munchkin with friends Saturday evening.

Week 06 {Grain} Playing Munchkin with Friends

2013 02 09 Munchkin 016 WEB

2013 02 09 Munchkin 020 WEB

The pebbles kept track of our levels.


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  1. That looks like a fun game – I’ve never heard of it! There is a lot of grain in these images – I never had a Rebel, so it’s fun to see what you can get from it. I like the first image – great DOF and comp!


  2. Great show of grain! I really pushed my ISO up last night at the local Mardi Gras parade. I was hesitant to look at them because I know my camera and I don’t usually like the noise. I think I need to just take a look at them. Thanks for sharing yours!


  3. What a perfect moment to capture! I would normally avoid shooting in this situation, because of the lighting…. but this week has shown me that the results are NOTHING to avoid! I love this moment, I would love to have this memory of my family too. Great week!!


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