Cross Country Clicks Monthly Blog Circle – February

Cross Country Clicks is a group that got together after Shooting 101 class at ClickinMoms. This month we decided to just post our favorite photo of the previous four weeks. It’s hard to choose one favorite, of course, but easier than some themes can be. One thing that made it hard for me is that I’ve shared a lot of my favorite photos already for Projects 365 and 52, and I didn’t want to share one I’d already posted. But I have taken other good ones.

I like a few things about this picture. First of all, I took it on assignment. I’m photo editor for the VaHomeschoolers Voice magazine, which is being held by the girl in this picture. By the way, the girl on the cover of the magazine is my daughter, and she’s reading Harry Potter. So this is a photo of a friend reading a magazine with a cover showing my daughter reading a book. 😀 When my daughter saw the photo she said, “We’re BOTH in the picture!”  Anyway, I’m also pretty happy with the composition and exposure. Constructive criticism very welcome!

Thanks for looking! Please leave a comment and then visit Bria’s blog continue around the circle.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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