From Jumping Waves to Swirling Snow in Two Days

Three days ago we enjoyed the last day of our San Diego vacation with a second visit to La Jolla. It’s special to us because it’s the place where my husband and I had our first date. We ate at The Spot. I’m glad we chose such a good restaurant on that date way back in 1994, because they have some great food, like the Mahi Mahi tacos I ate on Monday. The sweet potato fries are yummy too.

WEB 2013 03 04 san diego 636

Here are my kids enjoying the water in one of the coves in the cliffs of La Jolla after that lunch.

WEB 2013 03 04 san diego 680

The very next day we spent 21 hours — yes, 21 — traveling from our hotel (The wonderful Lafayette) to our house. The 21 hours was due to our original flight being canceled because of the weather in Chicago. We were okay with the long wait in the airport. We found electric outlets and we had chocolate.


After finally landing at Dulles Airport at nearly 1 a.m. we had to drive home in weather that looked like this through our van windshield.



It felt a little strange to come home to snow, but I was grateful for the stay-at-home day Wednesday to work on email, laundry, and photo processing. I finished the laundry, but I’m still working on the photos, and the email . . . well, that never ends.


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