Project 52 Week 13 {colors} Paint Colors

I have moved on to painting Ian’s room. We’ve got some Mario decals and we’re going to recreate a scene from the video game on his walls. So this is green grass and blue sky. I painted this first coat yesterday and will be painting the second coat and smoothing out the “hills” today.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, etc!

Continue on to see many other colors in our blog circle! Visit Second Ave Photography next.

WEB 2013 03 31 paint colors 003

WEB 2013 03 31 paint colors 004

I experimented with using a brush first because I thought the bristles made it look like grass (bottom photo), but Robert prefers the look of the roller (top photo). What do you think? (I’m not done with the top of the grass where it’s going to overlap the sky, of course.)



  1. Oh, pleeeeease link the final pics to our FB page, if it’s not incorporated with the 52 themes!!! I can’t wait to see what it ends up like. I love the blue and green colors and especially love the brush marks of the green grass!!! 🙂


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