Project 52 Week 14 {reflection}

I’ve been quite sick this week, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading, mostly on my Nook. This is Divergent by Veronica Roth. The last sentence of the first paragraph on page 132 (Nook edition) reminded me of this week’s theme. It reads, “Uriah stares at his reflection in the elevator doors and pats his hair down.”  Do I get creativity points? 😉  I sure hope I’m done being sick soon.

I need to learn how to edit with clarity and contrast without getting weird blurry color around the edges. Any tips?

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WEB 2013 04 06 reflection 001-2



  1. Try selectively sharpening, instead of sharpening the whole image. Does that work?

    Hope you feel better soon. No fun!

    Also, I heart Veronica Roth. I have only read the first book, but can’t wait until the whole series is out!


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