Day 100 Battling Star Wars Miniatures

Robert stayed home sick today but took a break from napping to play a little with Ian. They’re battling Star Wars miniatures, using Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which side wins each battle. I actually started this shoot with ClickinMoms’ current creativity exercise in mind and I’m really pleased with the exposure. The exercise is High ISO Color Photography. I’ve known for a year now not to fear high ISO because it’s a must inside the house and a little noise is better than underexposure but I think I’m often still not going high enough. I ended up going to 6400 with this, which allowed me to close down the aperture to 3.2, a bit smaller than I usually shoot, and I think better for this kind of scene. No blurry parts of my subjects. The clutter is another issue I hope to conquer in the next two weeks before I begin my next class, Mastering Natural Light Indoors, beginning April 29.

WEB 2013 04 10 Star Wars miniatures 020


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