First Speed Scrap This Year

It Was a Happy Day

I’ve really dropped the digi-scrappin’ this year – just busy with other things like photography – but I’m trying to pick it back up. I’ve had some fun at ScrapGirls this week, including a speed scrap tonight.

Here were the steps and the supplies I used. All products are from ScrapGirls, though most are old.

1. one photo; treat with style, action, mask, blending mode

I used a masked by Syndee Nuckles from Picturesque on my main photo and turned all my photos black and white.

2. use a sketch or layout template


3. Add 1 – 4 additional photos to support the main photo.

4. one paper for each photo on your layout


SNU_Picturesque_Paper-Brilliance (red)


5. 6 embellies: 1 should be metal, 1 should be rope/string



SNU_Picturesque_WrdArt_Strip2-Shad for date


SNU_Picturesque_Emb THREE ribbons


SNU_Picturesque_Alpha-1_Family (paperclip)

6. add a title and some journaling inside a speech/thought bubble

SNU_Picturesque_Alpha3 for the subtitle (just beveled Arial font for main title)


 My journaling is about the long wait at the airport, which I blogged about previously.

Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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