Clickinmoms’ Monthly Blog Circle {through the glass} Buttercups

These buttercups bloom on my lawn every spring and I love them. I was struggling to find glass I wanted to shoot through this month. I tried shooting through the viewing window of my daughter’s dance studio, but didn’t get anything very good. Finally, on the last Saturday of the month, while making some breakfast, I looked out the front window and admired my buttercups. Then I realized if I photographed them from the kitchen, I’d be shooting through glass! It took about 5 shots before I was content with one. I wanted to frame the scene with my whole window, so it’s obvious I’m shooting through glass, but I also wanted make my subject clear. I didn’t think shooting closer to the glass would look good, so instead I raised the vibrancy and yellow saturation a little bit to hopefully make the buttercups stand out more. I like the light on the chair in the foreground too, and I think it adds context to the photo (reminding me what room it is) but I tried keeping the shadows down so the chair isn’t distracting. Or is it still distracting? I’m also wondering if the neighborhood in the background is too distracting because it takes up more room than the flowers. Of course, I was only doing it this way because of the the theme, shooting through glass. I have other pictures of my buttercups that I prefer, which I took outside, right up next to them.

Continue on the blog circle to see more images {through the glass}. Next visit Adeena here!

WEB 2013 04 27 buttercups 002



  1. I think you framed it perfectly! I actually love the view of the neighborhood, the street leads right into the buttercups. I also like the glimpse of the chair inside the kitchen. 🙂


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